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Common errors during firmware/maps installation

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Updated list you will find here:



3GP:0 error code 160, GEMMI_nav:0 error code 141




You may see those errors during firmware or maps update, why they are? If you see them you probably do not read properly our tutorials

in 99% you have copied files on to SDCARD by using MacOS system, this can brick your MMI unit, we have clearly mention to use Windows based computer to download and copy the files on to SDCARD. MacOS is creating lots of hidden files which are not visible to you, but MMI can see them and they are making it confused which files to use. 


Google earth is greyed out after firmware update.

It's an common issue, please reinstall firmware and select in DEVICE LIST only GEMMI, it will fix this issue.

MMI can't find update


That's another common error, when you are moving the files from computer on to SDCARD, make sure that they do not goes in parent folder
For example, if you have downloaded file called: HN+R_EU_AU_P1001.rar  when you unpack this file you will get another folder 

HN+R_EU_AU_P1001 and inside this folder you can see:

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 13.35.46.png

and copy those files on to SDCARD, not with parent folder. This is just an example but related to every firmware/maps update from us.



You have not get to the RED engineering menu (two buttons method)



No update device found


No update device found.jpeg

If you see this screen screen please back to installation instructions (maps / firmware). Every firmware / maps update must be done via ENGINEERING MENU. How to get there + video you can find on instructions pages. If MMI still can't find update, please check tab above.


03276 – Please Check Software Version Management
03623 – Invalid Security
Navigation data is blocked


If you see this screen:

navigation - blocked.jpeg
it mean you haven't read tutorial properly! You have to activate maps. Click here to read how to do it


The medium is currently unavailable


If you see this error in your MMI screen:


you have probably used SDCARD bigger than 32GB. MMI for updates can't read sd cards bigger than 32GB - it has to be also formatted in FAT32!.

It might also show you when you trying to make update from wrong MMI menu.. Every update has to be performed from Engineering Menu, how to get there you got in our tutorials here


If you have seen some different error code, please post it here, i will add explanation about it to this list.

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New list.

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