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Regulations of the forum UpgradeMyAudi.net

§1. Registration and use of the forum UpgradeMyAudi.net, means 100% acceptance of the regulations.

§2. Only registered person can post only one person can have only one account.
Written posts and information contained in them become the property of the forum's publisher.

§3. There are no appeals from the Moderator's decision (the person authorized to moderate the forum):
a) in case of public discussion, posts will be deleted, and the person breaking the rules may be banned,
B) explain any mistake on PM (private message),
c) the superior person is Manager / Owner and Administrator.

§4. Treat private matters through PM.

§5. As a result of further non-compliance with the regulations, they may receive a "written" warning.
Warnings can be obtained for:
a) use of vulgar and offensive words,
B) posting pornographic content,
c) writing unnecessarily large and / or bold letters - the subject can be removed,
d) insulting, calling out other users,
e) advertising user pages not related to the topic and writing posts like "I invite you to my website
about cars, etc. "and advertising of competitors' websites An exception may be pages related to the answer.
In posts, you can insert links to competing pages or for forums provided they are related to the topic.
f) any link may be placed in the signature, provided that a banner or link promoting the UpgradeMyAudi.net is placed on the page to which it leads.
Each link placed in the signature must pass the verifications by at least one of the forum moderators UpgradeMyAudi.net.
Before placing the link in the signature, write to the Manager / Owner, Administrator or Moderator in order to obtain consent for its publication,
g) despite a warning from the Moderator, repetition of inappropriate behavior,
h) canceling the Moderator's comment in the post,
i) repeating questions in the form of posts and topics that have already been answered in the forum (use the forum search engine),
j) renewing old subjects (after 2 months) for which responses were given, unless the post brings valuable information for other users,
k) creating the same topic in two different forum sections,
l) writing posts that bring nothing new to the subject of the so-called fastening posts - the statement can be deleted,
m) placing in the signature of text over 5 lines in font size "12" or over 3 lines in font size "13" (using larger font sizes than the above mentioned is completely not allowed), and graphics with dimensions over 250x150 pixels or 500x60 pixels - signature exceeding the indicated sizes will be removed.
Each user must choose whether he wants to have text or graphics, as only one type of signature is allowed. The limitation of the size and type of the signature does not apply to moderation of the forum.
n) users are prohibited from using red color - it is reserved for forum moderation.

§ 6. Pay attention to:
a) placing the topic in the appropriate section,
B) the title of the topic should approximate the content that will be included in the topic,
c) if you have to write a message like "I do not know too" - do not say anything - wait.

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