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  4. No, only by menu, should be enough looking at other posts. The well lights are there and do go on and off when opening doors at night so it seems the module itself is driving them, I find it difficult to believe that they are hardwired in some variants and not in other. What is the purpose/function of the "slider", what specifically put in in position "5"?
  5. maybe your module does not support it? have you done VCDS coding? - do not remember exactly coding, but it should be done in 5f module.
  6. My SQ5 2014 Fcelift has the footwell lights, I'm trying to enable the ambience function. Green menu works well. Three steps done: Checkbox Interior set Value for Interior set to 5 CAN bus interior assigned to 1/9 Still greyed out? Any ideas?
  7. hej, there's no pictures.. how that box is connected with mmi? what mmi version? need more information.
  8. Hi, I face problem of connecting Hellobox S2 after latest firmware update When open DVBPlayer it says connect box failed I can open setting device and do Factory Reset I tried Factory Reset but same problem. Can you please help me to go over this problem. pictures attached.
  9. try to do it on another PC.. yours might have some viruses which might destroy files on SDCARD / your hard drive and just locked them - which mean mmi / your desktop can't read it... there should be 481 MB and 4 0001 files.
  10. Got another SD card. Should I be transferring 4790 items? That sound right?
  11. really weird.. files looks ok on sdcard, some of the sdcards got a little switch on the side (which should be on up position I think), maybe there's a problem? or mmi doesn't like this sdcard.. if that little switch doesn't help I recommend to get another sdcard.. we are using Kingston 16GB class 10 for firmware and never had that kind of problem..
  12. can you please make it, can be screenshot or photo as there might be a problem.. full window with path.
  13. what size of sdcard are you using? and can you please attach screenshot of sdcard content?
  14. show me please you current firmware version also you are using macOS or Windows based computer?
  15. That’s exactly what I did. It’s formated as fat32 and I uploaded it through the engineering menu
  16. you must see those files directly on SDCARD (main sdcard folder, without any parent folders etc).
  17. I did that and it says the release info could not be read... abort
  18. It's ok it should looks like that, then those files have to copy on to SDCARD and install from engineering menu in mmi. Please take a look on our online tutorials as you might doing it from wrong menu. https://upgrademyaudi.net/tutorials/updating-the-firmware/ https://upgrademyaudi.net/faq/
  19. I am running HNav_US_P0110_D1 and upgrading to HNav_US_K0133_3_D1.... when i unpack the original download all that is in the unpacked folder is more folders that say 1,2,3, MU9307, MU9308, and a text thing "metainfo2" what am i doing wrong? used 7zip like you recommended?
  20. Okay, thought so.... 😞 Anyhow, thanks for your fast feedback.
  21. Hej, unfortunately we don't have yet maps for RMC units... You can't use 3g plus maps as this is completely different unit.
  22. Hello guys I have bought the latest firmware to update my Q3 to RMC EU K16158. So far so good. Now i also want to update the maps, the ones i have are still from 2011. But i only find maps for the MMI 3G modules, none for RMC. Can i use these ones? https://upgrademyaudi.net/product/audi-mmi-3gp-hnr-3g-plus-bundle-latest-maps-firmware-6-29-1-p1001-europe/ Ore are there separate maps for RMC? Many thanks for your help Patirck
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